HOME MADE STICKY DATE PUDDING - Served with butterscotch sauce and ice cream

TIRA MI SU - Made fresh, this traditional Italian dessert is made from Coffee, liqueur, Italian biscuit, marscapone and cream

dESSERT PIZZA (FOR 2+) -  Drizzled in chocolate sauce and decorated with seasonal fruit and whipped cream - a must for chocolate lovers! 

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE made on the premises and topped with whipped cream

CREPES - Served with ice cream and topped with a choice of orange brandy or vodka lemoncello sauce

HOME MADE GELATO - Two different home made flavours each week

VANILLA ICE CREAM WITH TOPPING - caramel, chocolate, vanilla or strawberry topping

DESSERT OF THE WEEK - Ask your waiter for this week’s home made special



House Made Lemoncello - a traditional Italian after dinner drink

Liqueur Coffee

A long black coffee served in a tall glass with whipped cream and….

        Frangelico for an ITALIAN coffee                 ●          Galliano for a ROMAN coffee

        Kahlua for a MEXICAN coffee                      ●          Jameson whisky for an IRISH coffee

        Baileys for an IRISH CREAM coffee            ●          Tia Maria for a JAMACIAN coffee

        Cointreau for a FRENCH coffee                   ●          Ouzo for a GREEK coffee 

        Malibu for a CARIBBEAN coffee     


Coffee & Tea..  Cappuccino ; Flat White; Latte; Short Black ; Long Black; Vienna; (Decaf coffee available)


Hot Chocolate